Fade Fit Kids Multivitamins Health Benefits

As parents, we try to keep our children as healthy as we can, by eating the right food, exercising, limiting sugar and junk-food intake, and most importantly providing the necessary supplements in their diets. 

Fade Fit Kids Multivitamins contain the essential vitamins and minerals that kids and teens need for their growth, immune system, and overall health. 

Below is a breakdown of the essential vitamins and minerals that are in our Fade Fit Kids Multivitamins, to give you a better understanding of their health benefits

Vitamin A: Important for healthy skin, vision, tissue repair, and growth.

Vitamin C: The body's tool for healing and fighting off infection, strengthening tissues, muscles, and organs. 

Vitamin B(6, 5, 12), Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid: Helps with the production of red blood cells, assists in metabolic activities. 

Vitamin D: Important for strong teeth and bones, assists with the absorption of minerals such as calcium. 

Vitamin E: a powerful antioxidant.

Biotin: Assists in metabolism, growth, and development.

Iodine: Important for thyroid gland hormones production (T3 & T4) that control metabolism, growth, and development of tissues.

Zinc: Aids in the maintenance of healthy immune function, and may reduce the frequency of mild upper respiratory tract infection.

Choline: Vitamin-like nutrient that significantly benefits a healthy brain, cognitive function.

Our multivitamin gummies are an easy and safe way to ensure your kids are on the right track with nutrition. So keep your children safe and healthy, order your Fade Fit Kids Multivitamins from FadeFit.com with free home delivery now.


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