Fade Fit supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Fade Fit supports Breast Cancer Awareness Month

During this year's Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Fade Fit has supported by inviting 6 individual woman who spoke about all their unique experiences in dealing with breast cancer. 

1 in 8 woman will develop breast cancer in their lifetime; an alarming rate that should be a concern to woman around the world. In the interviews, we discussed misconceptions about the disease such as believing it is passed down from generations before. In fact, most woman we spoke with had no history of breast cancer in their family. 

As detrimental as their conditions were, all woman spoke positively explaining that they had a new look at life. All felt that they were 'reborn' and were actually lucky to have a 'second chance at life."

Fade Fit and Kings College Hospital in Dubai have teamed up to give free screenings to selected woman. The campaign is published on the Fade Fit Instagram page here.

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