Fade Fit is showcasing at Natural Products Expo West

Fade Fit is heading west for its first international showcase in America. With its already large success and popularity in the Middle East, it’s the brand’s natural progression to venture out and expand to other territories.

“Our aim is to gain interest in what we do, plus look for possible distribution and more. When we started this family business, we never thought just how big it could go. We’re blessed for where we are and excited for where it could go ”, founder Kris Fade explains.

The Fade Fit team will be present at Natural Products Expo West from March 9-11th, with the support of Imagine FMGC, who represents the brand for international distribution.

Visit Fade Fit at Natural Products Expo West, Anaheim Convention Center, Booth 1086, Hall A, March 9th-11th. 

For inquiries: aman@imaginefmcg.com