About Us

A Stepping Stone to a Healthier Lifestyle

Fade Fit is a brand of healthy snacks and kids vitamins created by radio presenter and personalityKris FadeWe are a family run business, established right here in the UAE.

We believe in the power of supporting local communities, positivity and helping people strive for a better lifestyle.

The main concept of Fade Fit is the use of all-natural ingredients with no added sugar or preservatives, to ensure the product is the healthier snack option for all.

Fade Fit now has 3 different ranges of consumables which include Fade Fit Kids Snacks, Fade Fit Kids Multivitamins, and Fade Fit Energy Snacks. With a promising expansion of products and ranges on the horizon, Fade Fit aims to become a globally recognized health and wellness brand. 

Kris Fade - Founder - Fade General Trading LLC.  

Noushie & Kikki - General Manager & Financial Controller

Brianna Ramirez - Brand Manager