Fade Fit Pistachio Protein snack is now available at Starbucks UAE

Fade Fit has now added a 3rd flavour to its range of Starbucks UAE exclusive snacks. The new Pistachio Protein was launched at Starbucks across the nation on July 2022 and it has already shown to be a hit across Starbucks and Fade Fit lovers. 

The snack is available at Starbucks countertops, walk-in and drive-thru, and will soon be available online at participating Starbucks delivery applications. 

Earlier this year, Fade Fit announced its availability at Starbucks across the kingdom of Saudi. 

The 3 Fade Fit exclusive snacks are:
- Pistachio Protein
- Peanut Butter Protein
- Hazelnut Energy 

Fade Fit protein snacks are keto friendly, all natural, made without artificial flavours, and are preservative free.