Get your protein fix the delicious way in Fade Fit Protein Balls 

What could be better than a high protein munch on a snack that tastes good and keep you satisfied all day long? Allow us to introduce a new range of snack which keeps you full and give you the burst of energy to get through the day - Fade Fit Protein Balls.

If you like salty-sweet, nutty & chocolatey, you’re going to love these protein bites! Fade Fit protein balls come in four delicious flavours coated in dark chocolate : Peanut Butter, Salted Caramel, Coconut or Dark Chocolate. Try any of these flavours, which is all-natural, keto friendly with no preservatives and non-GMO certified.

These protein-packed balls the PERFECT snack to have on hand when you need a quick boost of energy — each bite contains 6 grams of protein. I

Ideal for :

  • Snacking on the go ( keep them handy in your bag, office desk or in your car)
  • Pre or Post-workouts
  • Midday snack whenever you crave for little something sweet!

Ready for a delicious and healthy snack that provides a boost of energy? Order them from our website, or grab them from store across the  UAE.