About Us

"Fade Fit began as a fitness journey for myself. It developed into healthier snacks for my kids and now it has become a lifestyle brand that promotes wellness and supports a healthier lifestyle for everyone."
 -Kris Fade 

About The Founder

Kris Fade is a morning radio host, TV personality, turned entrepreneur as founder of Fade Fit.

Check out this video who shows more about the man behind the brand.
Video Reel


Brand Pillars

Fun Loving

Enjoyment, pleasure and excitement underpin what we do. We are a happy brand and make products and experience that enhance life. 

Family Focused

Family is home and home is where the heart is. We make products and experiences for the whole family and care a whole lot about the health, happiness and development of our kids.

Free Hearted

We want to give more than we receive and be generous with our time and support those who need it most. We want to set examples of being open-hearted. We also don’t take ourselves too seriously and seek out joy, laughter and good times whenever we can find it.


We want our products to be complete and you to be completely happy. We want our food to be outstanding and our fashion to make you feel fabulous. We want to fulfill our obligations with no compromise.


What we do


Currently we have Energy Snacks, Protein Snacks, Kids’ Snacks, Multivitamins, Organic Milk, Smoothies and more. 


Fade Fit will continue to have Fitness and Wellness events, and sponsor sports clubs within the community. The Fade Fit Tennis Academy launched January 2021.


An apparel brand is set to launch in 2022 with a line of athletic leisure wear for the whole family.


The Fade Fit Kids healthy Snack Factory is open at Kidzania UAE where kids can ‘work’ as a factory worker making the snacks with their very own hands. Fade Fit Fun, the game is also available on all app stores.