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Greek Yogurt Variety Tubes - 4 Boxes
  • Dhs. 48.00
Greek Yogurt Strawberry Tubes- 4 Boxes
  • Dhs. 48.00
Greek Yogurt Blueberry Tubes - 4 Boxes
  • Dhs. 48.00
Greek Yogurt Vanilla Tubes - 4 Boxes
  • Dhs. 48.00
Greek Yogurt Banana Tubes - 4 Boxes
  • Dhs. 48.00

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If you are a dairy fan and have still not incorporated Greek yogurt into your breakfast bowl, you are missing out on something BIG. It is creamy, flavorful and so versatile that it can be accompanied with anything. The good news here is that a scoop of Greek yogurt a day can help you lose body weight, load you with nutrients and reduce the risk of multiple diseases.  Greek yogurt is known to provide so many benefits including the hard-to-get calcium, protein and other nutrients like potassium, selenium and phosphorus.

Greek Yogurt

Little did you know that consuming one or two scoops of low fat Greek yogurt can be a healthy addition to your daily diet. Interestingly, this tasty textured cream can build muscle mass, boost bone health and lower diabetes & high blood pressure. It differs from the regular plain yogurt significantly as it goes through a straining process of removing whey. The strained yogurt is low in sugar and calories and provides many potential benefits.

Fade Fit Collection of Greek Yogurt Tubes

Fade Fit offers a wide range of Greek style yogurt collections with a variety of fresh fruit flavours including banana, blueberry, strawberry and vanilla. The low fat Greek yogurt is rich in proteins, calcium, vitamin D and has a shelf life of 3 months. It is free from GMO, gluten and preservatives. The Greek yogurt contains a high content of probiotic that helps strengthen the digestive tract and increase the good bacteria in your gut. The Fade Fit collection of Greek yogurt tubes are easy to carry and travel-friendly.

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Fade Fit offers free delivery in UAE for orders worth 100 AED and above. Orders under 100 AED will be charged a nominal fee of 10 AED. Fade Fit is a lifestyle brand that supports wellness and healthy living for everyone. We are happy to have you join our community.