Our Story

The story of Fade Fit starts when Kris Fade was out shopping with his daughters to get some healthy snacks for them however it quickly became apparent that the snacks available were either too expensive, too sugary, or weren’t something his daughters would like. Concerned by this he decided to ask his listeners on his breakfast show, The Kris Fade Show on Virgin Radio DXB, whether parents shared the same concerns as him, and indeed the listeners echoed the same sentiments. That's when Kris Fade thought there was definitely a gap in the market of an affordable, delicious, and a healthier snack option for the kids which needed to be tapped in.  

Thus, with the help of his listeners, and his two daughters, Noushie and Kikki, Kris Fade came up with the idea of Fade Fit Kids. After a lot of trial and error, constantly taking in his listeners opinions on every aspect of the product design, flavors, price etc... be it on radio or via his social media (@KrisFade), Choco Loco was created. Choco Loco is a simple snack made of dates, cocoa powder, and gluten free and sugar free corn flakes, with absolutely no added sugar or preservatives! Wanting to involve his daughters in the family business, he assigned his eldest one Noushie the position of General Manager of the company while Kikki took the role of Financial Controller.  

Together they came up with more flavours for Fade Fit Kids, Double Choco Loco, which is similar to the original Choco Loco but dipped in sugar free dark chocolate, a date-based snack with cocoa powder, sugar-free and gluten free cornflakes with a hint of raspberry, coated with sugar-free white chocolate! 
Fade Fit continues to expand its range and flavours. The company went from having only one product, Choco Loco, to having 3 different ranges of products, Fade Fit Kids, Fade Fit Energy Snacks, and Fade Fit Kids Multivitamins.