Coffee-Snacks Combo, exciting range of flavours with Zoom

Be it a hazy morning or a busy day, coffee always makes it better. As complex as it sounds, the sight of a grinded coffee beans in a cup of hot water makes it aesthetic. Now, imagine some power snacks to appreciate the cup of joy? Sounds Vibrant, isn’t it?

Fade Fit is thrilled to announce yet another collaboration with Zoom, with new flavours to our range of power snacks, Zoom snacks in all Zoom stores across the UAE.

Zoom Snacks powered by Fade Fit are quick go-to sugar-free energy bars and coated nuts (Milk & Chocolate) that come in portable packets, making them easy and hustle free to carry. They are protein enriched and is ensured to give sufficient energy to ease the day ahead.

We have introduced eight new power Zoom snacks to wiggle your taste buds;

  • Zoom Chocolate Milk Wafer Bar
  • Zoom Chocolate No Added Sugar Wafer Bar
  • Zoom Chocolate Milk Nougat Mixnut Bar
  • Zoom Chocolate No Added Sugar Nougat Mixnut Bar
  • Zoom Chocolate Coated Almond Milk
  • Zoom Chocolate Coated Almond White.
  • Zoom Raw Almond
  • Zoom Roasted Salted Almond.

Zoom has been recognised for its excellence in UAE for consecutive years, and we are excited to reach you with our power snacks together. You can find the tasty snacks powered by Fade Fit in small petite packets on every Zoom store, along with the hot and freshly brewed 100% Arabica beans Zoom Coffee by Coffee planet.

Next time, when you find yourself on a mid day break or coffee driven on your daily commute, don’t forget to reach your neighbourhood Zoom stores and grab a packet.